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Pottering Trip of foremost sacred sites around Tokyo & Weekend retreat

Charging energy while 20km pottering which will visit the related spots of Tamasaki shrine around Ichinomiya. The Olympic surfing venue and the private beach will also be visited. After pottering, enjoy BBQ lunch and the sweets from the famous Japanese confectionery shop at the stylish space then relax your mind. Why don't you spend a healing time to forget daily life on the weekend?

JPY4,960 per person


Meet at Kazusa Ichinomiya st.

B.B.BASE SOTOBO arrives at 9:07.
The tour starts from JR Kazusa-Ichinomiya station.


Visit Tamasaki shrine one of the foremost sacred spot around Tokyo

The shrine is famous for its protection of women and believed to offer blessings for marriage, easy delivery etc. It is located at the best direction from Tokyo by Feng shui and good energy is flowing. Charge your energy by praying at the beautiful black main building.


Tsurigasaki beach, the holy place for Gods and surfers

Tsurigasaki beach is well known for the Olympic surfing venue in 2020. The beach is the holy place not only for surfers but also for Kazusa twelve shrines festival. The Torii gate at the beach heading to the ocean is the symbol of Ichinomiya. Portable shrines garter from related shrines of “Tamayori-hime” the God of Tamasaki shrine and celebrate on September 13 every year.


Kamiarai shrine, well known for the God washed her body when she came up from the ocean

Kamiarai shrine is located near Tsurigasaki beach. The shrine is a part of Tamasaki shrine and important for the connection between Tsurigasaki beach and Tamasaki shrine. There is a pond which Tamayori-hime the God of Tamasaki shrine washed her body when she came up from the ocean.


Relax at Taito fishing port and hidden beach

Taito fishing port is located in Isumi city and can be felt the atmosphere of seaside town. There is a hidden beach near by and you can relax by sound of waves.


Visit Isumi Tamasaki shrine, the old shrine of Kazusa area

It has over 1200 years history as same as Ichinomiya Tamasaki shrine. Another shrine called “Kotohira shrine” located on the right hand side of the main building and well known as the sacred spot.


BBQ lunch at renovated stylish space (Included Japanese sweet)

After pottering, enjoy BBQ lunch with all participants and the sweets from the famous Japanese confectionery shop at the stylish space then relax your mind.


Tour ends at SUZUMINE

For B.B.BASE SOTOBO passengers, please look around Ichinomiya town until the departure time.
*accommodation can be arranged as an option.


B.B.BASE SOTOBO departs at Kazusa Ichinomiya station

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Reservation for B.B.BASE SOTOBO
Please make a reservation on JR East web site or at nearest View plaza.
*Ticket can be reserved until 18:00 one day before of the departure on the web site and until the one day before of the departure (within the business hours) at the nearest View plaza.
*The number of seats is limited so please make a reservation early.

Booking this tour
Please book below or call us(Ichinomiya Travel service +81-50-5216-2193).
*Non-passengers of B.B.BASE SOTOBO can also join
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*The number of seats is limited so please book early.
*Inquiry for this tour, please contact to us(Ichinomiya Travel service +81-50-5216-2193)


Just bring yourself! Rental bike is available
Rental bike is available from Ryogoku station for B.B.BASE passengers.
Would you like to join with maintained new model road bike or cross bike?
For the detail, please contact to B.B.BASE bike station.

*For the detail of Ryogoku station, please access to the following link.