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Just short trip from Tokyo, many treasures are here in the compact town Ichinomiya, Chiba.


Ichinomiya is a very compact town but there are variety kind of places to see such as historical spot, festival spot, literary spot, nature spot and so on.


You can enjoy many activities such as cycling, marine sports, horse riding, fruits picking and surfing etc. They will be the best memory of you.


Variety kind of foods are available in Ichinomiya! Seafood, seasonal fruits, Japanese sweets, regional traditional rolled sushi, sake...

the best spot in japan


Tsurigasaki beach in Ichinomiya is the Olympic venue for surfing in 2020. 

Ichinomiya has rich nature such as forests, hidden lakes and paddy fields.

explorer the history

TIME TRAVEL TO 1200 years ago

tamasaki shrine

Start planning your holiday in Ichinomiya

Getting to Ichinomiya

Traveling to Ichinomiya is easier than you think. There are direct express trains with fancy cars from Tokyo station. Narita and Haneda airports are located within 100 km distance.

Local tours and activities

VISIT ICHINOMIYA offers various tours and activities that are waiting for you to discover.

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There are accommodation options that are diverse, with something for every level of comfort and budget in Ichinomiya.


Getting around Ichinomiya is very simple, there are some transportation options to suit your mind.

Local restaurants
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Eating local foods are memorable of your trip. Various restaurants are available providing seafoods, ramen noodles, surfers plates etc.

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Local products are available such as Japanese sweets, handmade items, character goods, surfing equipments and so on.

Tips for traveling in Ichinomiya

Find out the locations of information centers, ATM, wifi and general topics of Ichinomiya.

Neighbour spots
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Looking around Ichinomiya is our highly recommended option.


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See you in Ichinomiya

Relax with rich natural beauty, blue ocean and sky, fantastic sunrise.

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